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Gareth Roberts
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In 1995, Zamper was released by Virgin Books.

Cover blurb[]

'Good morning. We're doomed. Would you like a cup of tea?'

On the far side of a break in the fabric of space is the planet Zamper, home of a secretive organization that constructs and sells the mightiest warships in the galaxy. It is to Zamper that the last warriors of the fallen Chelonian Empire have come in a final attempt to restore their race's glory.

Separated from the TARDIS, the Doctor and his companions are intrigued by the bizarre operations on Zamper. Why are accidents and power failures afflicting the planet? What is the true agenda of the mysterious Management? And what are the strange powers of the alien shipbuilders?

Full-length, original novels based on the longest-running science fiction television series of all time, the BBC's Doctor Who. The New Adventures take the TARDIS into previously unexplored realms of space and time.

Gareth Roberts is the author of two previous books in the New Adventures series, The Highest Science and Tragedy Day, and the Missing Adventure The Romance of Crime, all of which have been highly acclaimed. His other credits include comic strips and the novelization of Cracker: To Be A Somebody.

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