Warlock's Cross
Warlocks cross
Series Big Finish Main Range
Country United Kingdom
Release date 13 November 2018
No. of discs 2
Original RRP £14.99
Other info
Starring Sylvester McCoy
Tracey Childs
Author Steve Lyons
Produced by Big Finish Productions UK

In 2018, Warlock's Cross was released by Big Finish Productions.

Cover blurbEdit

It's time the truth was told. About UNIT. About the Cybermen invasion. About the so-called 'Doctor'. About what happened all those years ago, at Warlock's Cross. About the man they keep locked up in a cage, in a secret prison...

It's time. Because UNIT scientific adviser Elizabeth Klein is going to help ensure the truth is brought to light.

Today's the day... that UNIT falls.

Notes and other imagesEdit

  • Features an alternate cover.

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