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Voc Robot

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Character Options Toys (Classics)
Release Date
Origianl RRP
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Charcter Options Ltd
The Robots of Death

As part of the 2010 Classic Wave 2 action figures, Character options released the Voc Robot action figure as it apperaed in The Robots of Death as a basic figure.

Users who have this in their collection[]

Voc Robot[]


The figure came with no accessories. This is the same sculpt as all the previous Voc Robot Figures, apart from the eyes which are now red. Most of this figure is the same coulour as the one in the 4th Doctor Adventure Set.

On a distant, barren planet, Storm Mine 4 trawls across bleak deserts and through fierce duststorms in search of rare and valuable metals. On board the Sandminer is a small skeleton crew, who alternate between indulgent relaxation and skilled mining work. The mundane, day-to-day duties of the mine are attended to by a much larger complement of servile robots. This is a society that is dependant on robots for all areas of life, the people comforted by the knowledge that the strictest safeguards are built into each and every robot's programming. So when one of the miner crew is murdered, suspicion falls on two new arrivals...


Head: Turns slightly.

Shoulders: Turn almost 360 degrees (Restricted by rubber top).

Biceps: Turn 360 degrees.

Elbows: Up & down.

Wrists: Turn 360 degrees.

Waist: Turns slightly.

Legs: Back, forth & out.

Thighs: No Articulation.

Knees: Back & forth.

Ankles: No articulation.