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Rift War
Rift war
Series Torchwood
Country United States
Release date 24 April 2009
Format Paperback
No. of pages 128
Original RRP $14.95
Other info
Comic Strips
Rift War
Author Simon Furman
Paul Grist
Ian Edginton
Artists SL Gallant
Brian Williamson
Published by Titan Comics
ISBN No. 9781848562387

In 2009 Torchwood: Rift War - A Titan Books Graphic Novel was published by Titan Comics.

Cover Blurb[]


When the Rift opens to unleash the Harrowkind, an aggressive race of creatures hell-bent on the destruction of humanity, only Torchwood - the secret organisation trained to handle extra-dimensional threats - can stop them!

But with Cardiff under attack from dinosaurs, giant reality-warping babies and the time-lost armies - and the Hub torn out of reality itself - can Captain Jack Harkness, the Torchwood team and their new ally, the mysterious Vox, turn the tide of a war they can only begin to comprehend?

Featuring the combined creative talents of Paul Grist (Jack Staff), Ian Edginton & D'Israeli (Scarlet Traces), Simon Furman (Transformers) and Brian Williamson (Doctor Who Annual), TORCHWOOD: RIFT WAR is a tour de force of science-fiction storytelling!

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