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First Born

First born

James Goss
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In 2011, Torchwood: First Born was released by BBC Books.

Cover blurb

'No'. 'We're getting her back. Then we're leaving. No more of this. Torchwood is dead. Let someone else pick up the pieces. Look what it's cost us — everything.'

Gwen and Rhys are in hiding. But the isolated village of Rawbone is no place to being up a baby. With the locals taking an unhealthy interest in their daughter, Gwen and Rhys start to realise that something is very wrong in Rawbone — something with echoes of a life they thought they'd left behind.

As they uncover the village's terrible past, Gwen discovers that Torchwood will never leave her — but now she and Rhys stand alone in defence of the Earth. And the children of Rawbone can only bring her closer to the secret forces that want her out of the way.

Based on the hit series created by Russell T Davies, First Born is a prequel to Torchwood: Miracle Day, starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles as Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper, with Kai Owen as Rhys Williams.

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