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Through Time and Space
Through time and space graphic novel
Series IDW Doctor Who
Country United States
Release date 2 December 2009
Format Paperback
No. of pages 152
Original RRP $19.99
Other info
Comic Strips
The Whispering Gallery
The Time Machination
Cold-Blooded War!
Room With a Deja View
Black Death White Life
Author Leah Moore
John Reppion
Tony Lee
John Ostrander
Richard Starkings
Gary Russell
Rich Johnston
Charlie Kirchoff
Editor Justin Eisinger
Mariah Huehner
Artists Ben Templesmith
Paul Grist
Kelly Yates
Adrian Salmon
Eric J
Tom Mandrake
Cover by Ben Templesmith
Published by IDW Publishing
ISBN No. 13: 978-1600105753

In 2009 Through Time and Space was published by IDW Publishing.

Cover Blurb[]

Collecting six original Doctor Who stories featuring the Tenth Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant. Includes the one-shots:

  • The Whispering Gallery by Leah Moore, John Reppion, and Ben Templesmith
  • The Time Machination by Tony Lee and Paul Grist
  • Autopia by John Ostrander and Kelly Yates
  • Cold-Blooded War! by Richard Starkings and Gary Russell
  • Room With a Deja View by Rich Johnston and Eric J
  • Black Death White Life by Charlie Kirchoff and Tom Mandrake

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