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You might be looking for The Stranger: Summoned by Shadows (VHS).

In 2003, The Stranger: Summoned by Shadows was released on DVD.

Cover blurb[]

Battered by his experiences travelling through space and time, the mysterious Stranger (Colin Baker) has rejected his long time companion (Nicola Bryant) and is in self-imposed exile on a barren planet. There, he determines to ignore the pleas for help from the victims of a macabre and strangely familiar Conjurer (Michael Wisher), who seems to have limitless power. But the Stranger soon finds he cannot ignore their please for long - just as he cannot ignore his own past...

Special features[]

  • THE MAKING OF SUMMONED BY SHADOWS: Producer and Director Bill Baggs takes you through the making of the very first Stranger story.
  • INTERVIEW - COLIN, PIP & JANE BAKER: In this previously unseen interview footage Colin, Pip and Jane Baker discuss their time together on BBC TV's Doctor Who and share their insights on, amongst others, the Rani, Vervoids and the 14th segment of The Trial of a Time Lord.
  • NEW AUDIO STORY: Coming of Shadows (by Stuart Robinson and James Potter): Cain and Able - sent by the Preceptors to break the Estrangement Programme and reclaim the mighty Soloman. But unknown forces are working against them. This story is set before the events of Summoned by Shadows. (Contains strong language).


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  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
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