The Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor with Auton Arm, Mickey Head & Anti Plastic Bomb

Charcter Optons Toy
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Character Options Ltd

In 2008, Character Options released the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) as part of their 2008 re-pack wave. He was released as a basic figure with accessories.

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The Ninth Doctor Edit


This figure is the same sculpt to the earlier released Ninth Doctor. It comes with Auton Arm, Mickey head and Anti Plastic bomb, all having a new sculpt including the Mickey head. In June 2008, the figure was re-released in the new style packaging. This figure can be found in the Tesco three pack exclusive.

The Time Lord is back on Earth, this time as the last of the Time Lords. He comes to Earth to once again save everyone, this time from the plastic Autons. While doing so, he meets up with a new friend, Rose Tyler.


Head: Turns 360 degrees.

Shoulders: Turn 360 degrees.

Biceps: Turn 360 degrees.

Elbows: Up & down.

Wrists: Turn 360 degrees.

Waist: Turn 360 degrees.

Legs: Back & forth.

Hips: Out to the Sides & Forward.

Thighs: No articulation.

Knees: Back & forth.

Ankles: No Articulation.

Anti plastic Bomb

Anti Plastic Bomb