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The Master & TARDIS

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Charcter Options Toys (Classics)
Release Date
Original RRP
Exclusive To
Forbidden Planet(UK) & Underground Toys
Manfactured By
Charcter Options Ltd
The Time Monster

In 2011, Character Options released The Master (Roger Delgardo) & his TARDIS from 'The Time Monster' as a Forbidden Planet exclusive.

Users Who Have This in Their Collection:[]

The Master[]


This figure is released with his Tissue Compression Eliminator weapon, a Crystal of Kronos fragment and The Doctor's time sensor device accessory . The Sculpt of this figure is completely the same as the previous release.

The Master, back on Earth has constructed a device to gain control over Kronos, a creature from outside of the time vortex. He uses the device but it proves dangerously unstable. The Third Doctor arrives and shuts down experiment but the Master reactivates it, using it to ensnare a High Priest of the lost city of Atlantis, and then to attack UNIT forces.
The Master takes travels back to Atlantis in his TARDIS, now in the guise of an advanced computer bank, to steal the sacred Crystal of Kronos with which he hopes to dominate Kronos. The Doctor follows in his TARDIS with Jo Grant but can’t prevent his enemy destroying Atlantis.


Head: Turns Slightly.

Shoulders: Turn 360 degrees.

Biceps: Swivel 360 degrees.

Elbows: Up & down.

Wrists: Turn 360 degrees.

Waist: Turns Slightly.

Legs: Back & forth.

Hips: Out to the Sides & Forward.

Thighs: Swivel 360 degrees.

Knees: Back & forth.

Ankles: No Articulation.

The Master's TARDIS[]


The Master's TARDIS Has no features or accessories. It is a completely new sculpt/

Escaping in their TARDIS’s the Doctor and the Master confront each other within the time vortex where the Doctor threatens to 'time ram' the Master’s TARDIS, a huge explosion caused by two or more TARDISes trying to materialise in the same place in Space and Time. The Doctor cannot bring himself do it, but Jo operates the controls and the two TARDIS’s collide. Instead of the expected explosion both TARDISes reappear in a strange void. The ‘time ram’ energy has released Kronos, who agrees to return the Doctor and Jo to Earth but, plans to destroy the Master. The Doctor intervenes and pleads for mercy on the Master’s behalf ensuring he too goes free.


The TARDIS has no articulation.