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The Massacre
Massacre hardcover
Series Target novelisations
Country United Kingdom
Release date 18 June 1987
Format Hardcover
No. of pages 144
Original RRP £7.50
Other info
The Massacre of
St Bartholomew's Eve
War of God
The Sea Beggar
Priest of Death
Bell of Doom
Author John Lucarotti
Published by W.H. Allen & Co.
ISBN No. 0-491-03423-7

In 1987, The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve was released by W.H. Allen & Co. under the title The Massacre.

Cover blurb[]

The TARDIS lands in Paris on 19 August 1572. Driven by scientific curiosity, the Doctor leaves Steven to meet and exchange views with the apothecary, Charles Preslin.

Before he disappears, he warns Steven to stay out of 'mischief, religion and politics'. But in sixteenth-century Paris it is impossible to remain a mere observer, and Steven soon finds himself involved with a group of Huguenots.

The Protestant minority of France is being threatened by the Catholic hierarchy, and danger stalks the Paris streets. As Steven tries to find his way back to the TARDIS he discovers that one of the main persecutors of the Huguenots appears to be - the Doctor.


  • Cover by Tony Masero.

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