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The Mark of Mandragora
Mark of mandragora virgin graphic novel
Series Doctor Who
Country United Kingdom
Release date October 1993
Format Paperback
No. of pages 98
Original RRP £6.99
Other info
Comic Strips
Doctor Conkerer!
Fellow Travellers
Darkness, Falling
The Mark of Mandragora
Author Andrew Cartmel
Paul Cornell
Dan Abnett
Editor John Freeman
Artists Lee Sullivan
John Ridgway
Mike Collins
Cover by Lee Sullivan
Published by Virgin Books
ISBN No. 0-426-20396-8

In 1993 The Mark of Mandragora: A Virgin Books Graphic Novel was published by Virgin Books.

Cover Blurb[]

I'm beaten, Ace.

At the end of the twentieth century, the Mandragora Helix returns to Earth to be re-born. And there's nothing the Doctor, Ace or UNIT can do to prevent it.

The Mark of Mandragora is the culminating story in this collection of comic strips first published in the Doctor Who Magazine and now available for the first time in full colour. Also included are the prelude stories Darkness, Falling and Distractions.

Among the writers and artists represented in this collection are luminaries of the Doctor Who world such as Andrew Cartmel, Lee Sullivan and Paul Cornell; favourite characters making guest appearances include Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier.

Notes and other images[]

  • The Mark of Mandragora was the only Doctor Who graphic novel published by Virgin Books.

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