The Man Who Invented the Daleks - The Strange Worlds of Terry Nation

Strange worlds of terry nation

Alwyn W. Turner
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Aurum Press
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In 2011, The Man Who Invented the Daleks - The Strange Worlds of Terry Nation was released by Aurum Press.

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  • Publisher's description as follows:

    Terry Nation was one of the most successful and prolific writers for television and radio that Britain ever produced. His vision of a post-apocalyptic England, Survivors, has been re-made thirty years on, Blake’s 7 endures as a cult sci-fi classic, and his most famous creations, the Daleks, ensured, and at times eclipsed, the success of Doctor Who.

    But while those alien ‘pepperpots’ remain at the core of his appeal, Nation also had a role to play in the early days of radio and television comedy — as part of the legendary Associated London Scripts, he wrote for Spike Milligan, Tony Hancock and Frankie Howerd — and he became a key figure in the internationally successful adventure series of the 1960s: The Avengers, The Saint and The Persuaders!

    This is the first serious, mainstream account of Terry Nation’s life and contribution to British television and will shed light on a fascinating melting pot of ambitious young writers, producers and performers without whom British culture today would look very different.

    Alwyn W. Turner is the author of Crisis? What Crisis?: Britain in the 1970s, Rejoice! Rejoice!: Britain in the 1980s, and The Biba Experience.

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