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The Grief

The Grief 01

First Published
Dan Abnett
Original Publisher
Reprint Publisher
Vincent Danks (pencils), Adolfo Buylla (inks, 1), Robin Riggs (inks, 2-3)
John Freeman
The Seventh Doctor and Ace
Previous Doctor Who Magazine Comic
"Buisness As Usual"
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The Grief is a Doctor Who comic strip. It has been printed through various publications.


The barren ash world of Sorsha is the TARDIS’s next landing spot. The Doctor tells Ace that three thousand years ago, the Sorshans killed themselves and their planet. The Doctor has come to pay his respects to the dead, for the Sorshans were invaded by the Lom and destroyed themselves and the Lom to save the galaxy. The Doctor soon encounters Lieutenant Frethil, of the starship Rosetta, and her Earth marines, who arrests him on suspicion of being an alien spy. Ace sets out to free him but instead meets translator Skrane who is learning to translate Lom script. The Doctor meanwhile has discovered that the humans have uncovered a Lom weapon bearing the inscription The Grief, their ultimate weapon. With Skrane’s translation, Frethil activates the device - and even as she dies, reanimates a Lom warrior.

The Doctor escapes, but all others are killed by the Lom. Ace and Skrane are joined by Strauss who says a Condition Red has been called. Meanwhile, the Rosetta calls in - they are being overrun by the Lom. The Doctor appears and tells them that the translation allowed Frethil to activate the Grief, which is a genetic fabrication unit, so every dead human can now produce a new Lom. The Sorshans realised the Lom would be unstoppable, so they activated their planetary shield once the Lom had landed, sealing them in, then released a biological toxin, wiping out everything. They must do the same again before the Lom move in and finish them off.

Ace and Strauss hold the Lom at bay for a while as the Doctor and Skrane make their way to the control chamber. Skrane says he will sacrifice himself to destroy the Lom as it was his translation that started it all in the first place, and Strauss stays to protect him. The Doctor and Ace must go and warn the universe about this planet. They make it back to the TARDIS just in time, but Ace is upset by the loss of life and worried that the Doctor knew what would happen all along. She is worried that he no longer cares about individual lives... and worried that he no longer cares about her.


  • The Doctor Who Comics website, had this to say about the strip:

It’s perhaps all a bit familiar now from strips like Echoes of the Mogor and Hunger from the Ends of Time, and all a bit like an Alien pastiche, but there are some good original ideas at work here too and the story unfolds well amid much carnage. The artwork is fairly good too, though better with Riggs on inking duties.