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The Essential Doctor Who
Essential doctor who issue 2 tardis
Series Doctor Who
Country United Kingdom
Release date June 2014
Format Paperback
No. of pages 116
Original RRP £9.99
Other info
Editor Marcus Hearn
Published by Panini Magazines

In 2014 The Essential Doctor Who: The TARDIS was published by Panini UK Ltd.

Cover Blurb[]



  • Puzzle Box - The evolving depictions of the TARDIS in Doctor Who.
  • 100,000 BC (1963) - The discovery of a strange police box leads two teachers on an incredible journey.
  • How to Fly the TARDIS - Highlights of the controls used by the First, Second and Third Doctors.
  • Inside the Spaceship (1964) - A disaster in the TARDIS turns its beleaguered occupants against each other.
  • Wheezing Groaning Sounds - Radiophonic memories from Brian Hodgson, Dick Mills and Mark Ayres.
  • The Mind Robber (1968) - The TARDIS takes the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe out of time and space.
  • Toy Box - An incredible collection of TARDIS models and other rarities.
  • Inferno (1970) - The Doctor and a disconnected console visit a parallel Earth in crises.
  • Hexagonal Heaven - How one man dedicated six years to building a replica of the original console.
  • The Time Monster (1972) - The Doctor and the Master pit their TARDISes against each other.
  • The Invasion of Time Map - A guide to the TARDIS interior, as depicted in this controversial story.
  • Logopolis (1981) - A trip to repair the TARDIS ends in a threat to the entire universe.
  • Boxing Clever - Christopher H Bidmead discusses his TARDIS stories of the early 1980s.
  • Castrovalva (1982) - Even the TARDIS cannot provide sanctuary for the newly regenerated Doctor.
  • How to Fly the TARDIS - Functions of the console used by the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors.
  • Frontios (1984) - The Doctor fights for possession of the TARDIS on a remote human colony.
  • Other TARDISes - The Doctor's Type 40 is not the most sophisticated model we have encountered.
  • Doctor Who (1996) - The TV Movie revealed eye-opening secrets about the TARDIS' power source.
  • Saving Time - The surprising fate of the ornate console designed for the TV Movie.
  • TARDIS Evolution: The Coral Console Room - The TARDIS interior was radically redesigned when Doctor Who returned in 2005.
  • The Stolen Earth / Journey's End (2008) - A large crew of old friends helps the TARDIS to save the planet.
  • Meanwhile, in the TARDIS... - The 'minisodes' that have taken place in the TARDIS since 2005.
  • TARDIS Evolution: The Copper Console Room - New Doctor, new console room - a look at how the TARDIS regenerated in 2010.
  • Amy's Choice (2010) - Dreams and reality blur as the TARDIS is infiltrated by a dangerous foe.
  • Being the TARDIS - An interview with Suranne Jones, who embodied the TARDIS in The Doctor's Wife.
  • The Doctor's Wife (2011) - The Doctor comes face to face with his most loyal companion.
  • Matters of the Heart - Writer Steve Thompson recalls his Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.
  • Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (2013) - The Doctor and Clara try to save the ship from its greatest threat.
  • Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Map - How to navigate your way through the current incarnation of the TARDIS.
  • Back on the Beat - A fully functioning police box has returned to the streets of Boscombe.
  • How to Fly the TARDIS - Quick start instructions for the latest version of the console.
  • TARDIS Evolution: The Toyota Console - Michael Pickwoad explains how he redesigned the TARDIS interior in 2012.
  • The Name of the Doctor (2013) - On the planet Trenzalore the Doctor is laid to rest inside the dying TARDIS.
  • London Calling - The story of the original police boxes that helped to inspire the Doctor's ship.

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