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The Eleventh Doctor's 'Crash' Set
11th Doctor Crash set 2
Series Character Options 5 inch
Release date 3 April 2010
No. of figures 2
Original RRP £14.99
Other info
Produced by Character Options UK

In 2010, The Eleventh Doctor's 'Crash' Set was released by Character Options.

Cover blurb[]

The Doctor has regenerated, and he's crashing to Earth! Upon meeting Amelia Pond, the Doctor fights off the dangerous Prisoner Zero and gains a whole new look!

The Doctor selects for himself a new outfit, ‘borrowed’ from various lockers at the local hospital. Tweed jacket, bow tie and boots in place, the Eleventh Doctor is now ready to face the future…


  • Twin pack of two 11th Doctor figures. One in the 'raggedy' clothes and one in his final outfit.
  • Toys R Us exclusive variant with a blue bow tie, blue lines on the shirt and brown boots.

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