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Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jennie Linden, Roberta Tovey, Bernard Cribbins, Jill Curzon, Philip Madoc
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In 2012, The Dalek Collection was released on DVD through Lionsgate's manufacture-on-demand DVD line exclusively on Amazon.

It contained the following stories:
Dr. Who and the Daleks
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Cover blurbEdit

DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS sees Dr. Who travel through space and time in the Tardis to find himself on Skaro, the birthplace of his arch-nemeses, the Daleks! Skaro is a planet devastated by nuclear fallout, where the hideously mutated Daleks have to live in metal suits to survive, and where they plot the destruction of the planet's other life-form, the Thals, with a massive neutron bomb - the gentle Thals are doomed to extermination - unless the Doctor can save them!

Directed By: Gordon Fleming
Written By: Milton Subotsky, Terry Nation
Actor(s): Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jennie Linden

DALEKS - INVASION EARTH 2150 AD tells the thrilling story of the Doctor's battle to save the human population of the future from being enslaved as Robomen - doomed to serve the dreaded Daleks forever! The human race has never faced a greater danger as only the underground resistance movement stands in the way of total Dalek domination.

Directed By: Gordon Fleming
Written By: Milton Subotsky, Terry Nation, Sydney Newman, David Whitaker
Actor(s): Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, Ray Brooks

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Audio Commentary on Dr. Who and The Daleks with actresses Jennie Linden and Roberta Tovey and author Jonathan Sothcott
  • Theatrical Trailer for each film
  • Photo Gallery for each film
  • Photo Essay: A History Of Dr Who (both discs) 
  • Peter Cushing Biography (both discs)


Basically, these discs are direct ports of the out-of-print Anchor Bay releases.


  • Languages: English and French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
  • Subtitles: None
  • Region: 1 NTSC
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Running time: 222 mins approx

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