The Complete Second Series
Series 2 uk limited dvd
Series BBC New Series DVDs
Country United Kingdom
Release date 20 November 2006
No. of discs 6
Rating Uk dvd rating 12
Original RRP £79.99
Region 2 PAL
Aspect ration 16:9
Running time 690 mins approx
Other info
The Christmas Invasion
New Earth
Tooth and Claw
School Reunion
The Girl in the Fireplace
Rise of the Cybermen
The Age of Steel
The Idiot's Lantern
The Impossible Planet
The Satan Pit
Love & Monsters
Fear Her
Army of Ghosts
Starring David Tennant
Billie Piper
Noel Clarke
Camille Coduri
Elisabeth Sladen
Produced by BBC DVD

In 2006, The Complete Second Series was released on DVD in the United Kingdom by BBC DVD.

Cover blurbEdit

Special featuresEdit

  • 'Children in Need' Special
  • Billie's Video Diaries (Approx 5 mins)
  • In-Vision Commentary on 'The Christmas Invasion', 'The Girl In The Fireplace', 'The Age Of Steel', 'The Impossible Planet' and 'Doomsday'
  • Audio Commentary on 'New Earth', 'Tooth And Claw', 'School Reunion', 'Rise Of The Cybermen', 'The Idiot's Lantern', 'The Satan Pit', 'Love & Monsters', 'Fear Her' and 'Army Of Ghosts'
  • Audio Description on all Episodes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Navigation
  • Out-takes
  • Doctor Who Confidential
  • David's Video Diaries (Approx 85 minutes)

Notes and other imagesEdit

  • This limited edition DVD set was originally exclusive to
  • This release originally came with a free booklet.

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