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You might be looking for The Cast of Doctor Who - Issue 1.
The Cast of Doctor Who
Cast of doctor who graphic novel
Series Doctor Who
Country United States
Release date March 2012
Format Paperback
No. of pages 40
Original RRP $7.99
Other info
Comic Strips
The Cast of Doctor Who
Author Paul J. Salamoff
DJ Burgess
Artists Jaime Martinez Rodriguez
Dario Reyes
Cover by Joe Phillips
Published by Bluewater Comics
ISBN No. 9781450784511

In 2012 The Cast of Doctor Who: Bluewater Graphic Novel was published by Bluewater Comics.

Cover Blurb[]

DOCTOR WHO is the longest running Sci-Fi TV series of all time. The secret to its longevity is its uncanny ability to recast the lead actor every few years. But who are the people behind "The Doctor?"

THE CAST OF DOCTOR WHO takes you back in time to learn about the personal histories of William Hartnell, Tom Baker, Paul McGann and the newest incarnation of The Doctor: Matt Smith. The GN includes a BONUS BIO of 1960's Doctor Who Movie actor Peter Cushing!

Notes and other images[]

  • Includes biographies of the First, Fourth, Eighth, Eleventh and Movie Doctors.
  • The Movie Doctor bonus biography by DJ Burgess is exclusive to the graphic novel.
  • The cover states "unauthorized".

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