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The Aztecs
Special Edition
Episodes The Aztecs
Galaxy 4
Starring William Hartnell
William Russell
Jacqueline Hill
Carole Ann Ford
Peter Purves
Maureen O'Brien
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Produced by BBC Video Worldwide
Aztecs special edition us dvd
Series Doctor Who DVDs
Country United States
Release date 12 March 2013
No. of discs 2
Original RRP $34.98


Region 1 NTSC
Aspect ratio 4:3
Running time 99 mins approx
Cover blurb
The TARDIS arrives in Mexico in the 15th century, where the Doctor and his companions soon discover is a bloodthirsty and dangerous place. When Barbara is mistaken for a reincarnation of an Aztec high priest called Yetaxa, she thinks she can put an end to the barbaric sacrifices once and for all. But can she rewrite history without disastrous consequences?
Special features Users who have this
• Commentary with William Russell (Ian Chesterton) and Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman), and producer Verity Lambert
• Remembering The Aztecs
• Designing The Aztecs
• Cortez and Montezuma - An extract from a 1970 Blue Peter
• Restoring The Aztecs
• Making Cocoa
• TARDIS-cam no. 3
• Optional Arabic Soundtrack for episode 4 only
• Intro Sequences
• Galaxy 4 - A reconstruction of the missing story Galaxy 4, using off-screen stills, audio recordings and animation plus the recently recovered episode three
• Chronicle - The Realm of Gold
• Doctor Forever! - Celestial Toyroom
• It's a Square World
• A Whole Scene Going - An interview with director Gordon Flemyng and a look at filming of his film
Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD
• Radio Times Listings (DVD-ROM)
• Easter Egg
• Programme Subtitles
• Production Information Subtitles
• Photo Gallery
• Coming Soon Trailer
• Digitally Remastered Picture and Sound Quality


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