Terror of the Zygons
The Seeds of Doom
Terror of the Zygons soundtrack cd
Series BBC Audio Music
Country United Kingdom
Release date 2 January 2000
No. of discs 1
Running time 78:25
Other info
Starring Tom Baker
Elisabeth Sladen
Ian Marter
Nicholas Courtney
John Levene
Music by Geoffrey Burgon
Dick Mills
Produced by BBC Audio

In 2000, Terror of the Zygons / The Seeds of Doom was released by BBC Audio on CD.

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  • Doctor Who Opening Title Theme


  • The Destruction of Charlie Rig
  • A Landing in Scotland
  • Murder and Mystery on Tulloch Moor
  • Wreckage
  • The Zygons Attack
  • Decompression
  • The Zygons' Ultimate Weapon
  • Trance
  • False Harry
  • Monster on the Moor
  • Death at the Inn / Hunt for a Zygon
  • The Secret of Forgill Castle
  • Ascent and Descent
  • A Call from the Prime Minister
  • To London / Death of Broton
  • The Monster Goes Home
  • Return Ticket


  • Antarctica: The First Pod
  • "It's Growing!"
  • Harrison Chase
  • The Pod Opens
  • The Galactic Weed
  • The Creature Attacks
  • A Plan for Murder / Hunt in the Snow
  • Sabotage
  • Chase Receives the Second Pod
  • The Chauffeur Takes a Detour
  • A Visit to Harrison Chase
  • The Hymn of the Plants / Floriana Requiem
  • Escape and Recapture
  • The Second Pod Bursts
  • Keeler's Transformation Begins
  • The Composter
  • The Nurturing of Keeler
  • "Get Dunbar!" / Krynoid on the Loose
  • Amelia Ducat's Theme
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • "The Plants Must Win"
  • The Plants Attack
  • Laser Fire
  • Trapped
  • The Final Assault
  • Doctor Who Closing Title Theme

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