Classics Omnibus
Volume 2
Episodes Junk-Yard Demon
The Neutron Knights
The Tides of Time
Stars Fell on Stockbridge
The Stockbridge Horror
Lunar Lagoon
4-Dimensional Vistas
The Moderator
The Shape Shifter
Polly the Glot
Once Upon a Time~Lord
Kane's Story
Abel's Story
The Warrior's Story
Frobisher's Story
Authors Steve Parkhouse
Alan McKenzie
Editors Justin Eisinger
Alonzo Simon
Denton J. Tipton
Original edits by Alan McKenzie, Ian Rimmer & Cefn Ridout
Artists Mike McMahon and Adolfo Buylla
Dave Gibbons
Steve Parkhouse
Mick Austin
Steve Dillon
John Ridgway
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Published by IDW Publishing
Classics omnibus vol 2
Series Classics
Country United States
Release date 10 August 2011
Format Paperback
No. of pages 408
Original RRP $24.99
Cover blurb Users who have this
More classic tales from Doctor Who! Join the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Doctors as they right wrongs and meet new creatures while traveling through time and space. This collection includes stories such as The Tides of Time, Junk-Yard Demon, 4-Dimensional Vistas, The Moderator, Voyager, Funhouse, and many more.


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