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Sky Jacks!
Series 3 - Volume 3
Sky jacks series 3 vol 3
Series IDW Doctor Who
Country United States
Release date 6 November 2013
Format Paperback
No. of pages 116
Original RRP $17.99
Other info
Comic Strips
Sky Jacks!
Author Andy Diggle
Eddie Robson
Len Wein
Editor Justin Eisinger
Alonzo Simon
Artists Andy Kuhn
Charlie Kirchoff
Matthew Dow Smith
Adrian Salmon
Cover by Kelly Yates
Published by IDW Publishing
ISBN No. 13: 978-1613777916

In 2013 Sky Jacks!: Series 3 - Volume 3 was published by IDW Publishing.

Cover Blurb[]

The TARDIS has recently been on the fritz, but now it has gone completely out of control and the Doctor is nowhere to be found! Meanwhile, white holes have been forming throughout time and space, sucking in everything around them. Now Clara must find the Doctor and help him figure out what is going on. Also includes the short story, "In-FEZ-Station!", written by comics legend Len Wein!

Notes and other images[]

  • Originally published as DOCTOR WHO VOLUME III Issues #9-12 and DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL 2012.

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