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Short Trips: Indefinable Magic

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Short Trips
Edited by Neil Corry
Release date
March 2009
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Big Finish
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In 2009, Short Trips: Indefinable Magic was released by Big Finish.

Cover blurb[]

An anthology of brand new Doctor Who short stories that weave a spell over the wonder that is Doctor Who.

A plot to kidnap Elvis Presley... A woman whose horoscopes prove rather too accurate... A devastating army of mythical beasts that conquers Britain...

The Doctor and his travelling companions live magical lives — but their lives are tainted by terror. Delve into bizarre, wondrous or simply horrifying worlds with the Doctor and his friends as they land on a world where everyone can fly, help a good friend trapped four centuries in the past, and face aliens that simply want to bring peace to humanity.


  • What Has Happened to the Magic of Doctor Who? by Gareth Roberts
  • Phoenix by James Goss
  • The Power Supply by Eddie Robson
  • Favourite Star by Ian Farrington
  • Hiccup In Time by Matthew James
  • Shamans by Steve Lyons
  • The Fall of the Druids by David N Smith
  • Priceless Junk by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
  • Have you Tried Turning it off and then Back On Again? by John Callaghan
  • The Reign Makers by Gareth Wigmore
  • Pass It On by Simon Guerrier
  • The Science of Magic by Michael Rees
  • Hello Goodbye by Jim Sangster
  • Trial by Fire by Mike Amberry
  • Death Sentences by Stephen Hatcher
  • Once Upon a Time Machine by Stephen Dunn
  • Mardi Gras Massacre by Arnold T Blumberg
  • Blessed are the Peacemakers by Caleb Woodbridge

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