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Short Trips: Dalek Empire

Short trips dalek empire

Short Trips
Edited by Nicholas Briggs
Release date
December 2006
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Big Finish
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In 2006, Short Trips: Dalek Empire was released by Big Finish.

Cover blurb[]

Everybody remembers Doctor Who's most terrifying monsters, the metallic, murderous Daleks!

Here they are again in a collection of ripping yarns that draw upon the events and themes of Big Finish's acclaimed series Dalek Empire.

But never fear, no prior knowledge is necessary. The good Doctor in his many incarnations is on hand to guide us through the terrible events before, after and during the Daleks' ruthless onslaught.


  • Kalendorf by Nicholas Briggs
  • Natalie's Diary by Joseph Lidster
  • Life Support by John Ainsworth
  • Alby by Nicholas Briggs
  • Private Investigations by Ian Farrington
  • Suz by Nicholas Briggs
  • The Satirists by Simon Guria
  • Galanar by Nicholas Briggs
  • Hide and Seek by Ian Farrington
  • The Eighth Wonder of the World by Simon Guria
  • Mutually Assured Survival by Justin Richards
  • Museum Piece by James Swallow

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