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Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury

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Short Trips
Edited by Paul Cornell
Release date
December 2004
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Big Finish
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In 2004, Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury was released by Big Finish.

Cover blurb[]

Christmas and Doctor Who are inextricably linked. From the moment the Daleks first appeared at yule-tide to the regular Annual under the tree, the spooky cosiness of the season has always chimed with the series's own brand of comfortable thrill.

This collection covers every aspect of Doctor Who at Christmas, from the Fourth Doctor and Romana wisecracking their way through opening their presents to the Seventh Doctor encountering a dangerous something from Christmas past; from the Sixth Doctor running into another Christmas TV institution to the Eighth Doctor's lonely vigil in a frozen landscape. The Fifth Doctor visits an old companion, the First Doctor lands in a house where Christmas doesn't go as planned, while the Second Doctor finds he has to have a serious chat with Santa Claus. And Bernice Summerfield experiences Christmas on the Braxiatel Collection. Unfortunately.

There are hidden links between many of the stories, which are themselves arranged like a symmetrical snowflake. This being Christmas, alongside the tales, there are instructions for building your own Who adventure game, a monster party game (careful how you play it!), poems both nostalgic and jolly ­ including one by accomplished poet Jo Fletcher ­ and four delicious Christmas recipes with a Doctor Who makeover, making this a real stocking-filler of a compendium, the ideal gift for followers of the show, young and old.


  • Last Christmas by Simon Guerrier
  • UNIT Christmas Parties: First Christmas by Nick Wallace
  • In the TARDIS: Christmas Day by Val Douglas
  • Water's Edge by Peter Adamson
  • A Yuletide Tail by Dave Stone
  • Spookasem by Peter Anghelides
  • Christmas Special by Marc Platt
  • Never Seen Cairo by Darren Sellars
  • The Man Who (Nearly) Killed Christmas by Mark Michalowski
  • Last Minute Shopping by Neil Perryman
  • Every Day by Stephen Fewell
  • The Little Things by Paul Beardsley
  • UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce by Terrance Dicks
  • The Clanging Chimes of Doom by Jonathan Morris
  • Perfect Present by Andy Campbell
  • Present Tense by Ian Potter
  • Goodwill Toward Men by Shaun Lyon
  • It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow by Martin Day
  • All Our Christmases by Steve Lyons
  • Lily by Jackie Marshall
  • ...Be Forgot by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
  • UNIT Christmas Parties: Ships That Pass by Karen Dunn
  • Evergreen by Stephen Cole

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