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Short Trips: 2040

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Short Trips
Edited by John Binns
Release date
November 2004
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Big Finish
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In 2004, Short Trips: 2040 was released by Big Finish.

Cover blurb[]

The future is here — and it's not what we expected...

To the governments and corporations of the world in 2040, expansion is an article of faith The human race must expand outwards, exploring new territories, new technologies, new ways of thinking.

Only problem is, the human race doesn't necessarily share that faith. And with so much at stake, their leaders may have to call in some new partners to make sure we see the light...

Featuring stories by Marc Platt, Lance Parkin, Kate Orman, Jacqueline Rayner, Rebecca Levene, Tara Samms, and many more.

2040 is compiled and edited by John Binns, who edited the previous Short Trips collections Life Science, Steel Skies, and A Universe of Terror.


  • The Nuclear Option by Richard Salter
  • Separation by Tara Samms
  • Thinking Warrior by Huw Wilkins
  • Observer Effect by Lance Parkin
  • The Baron Wastes by Alexander Leithes
  • Daisy Chain by Xanna Eve Chown
  • Sustainable Energy by Matthew Griffiths
  • Culture War by Kate Orman
  • Artificial Intelligence by Andy Campbell
  • /Carpenter/Butterfly/Baronet/ by Gareth Wigmore
  • Outsourcing by Marc Platt
  • Anteus by Rebecca Levene
  • The Last Emperor by Jacqueline Rayner
  • The Ethereal by John Binns

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