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Short Trips

Short trips

Short Trips
Stephen Cole, Jonathan Blum, Paul Magrs, Simon Bucher-Jones, Mike Tucker, Robert Perry, Steve Lyons, Paul Leonard
Release date
Original RRP
£5.99, (US) $5.95/$7.99 (Cdn)
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BBC Books
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In 1998, Short Trips was released by BBC Books.

Cover blurb[]

From Neolithic Earth to the furthest reaches of the universe in the far future, Short Trips brings together established Doctor Who authors and first-time writers in a collection of stories exploring the ever-changing worlds of the Doctor and his friends.

Witness the last days of the siege of Masada with the First Doctor and meet the Fourth Doctor's extraordinary 'old flame'. An evil enemy makes life difficult for the Seventh and Third Doctors, and while the Fifth Doctor is under attack on a sinister ship shrouded in fog, the Second may soon be guilty of a grave error of judgement... The Sixth Doctor's hopes of a holiday are dashed when he discovers a pleasure planet is hiding a shocking secret, and the Eighth Doctor is caught up in a deadly drama played out during the construction of Stonehenge.

And, of course, that's just the beginning...

Edited by Stephen Cole, this collection features stories by Jonathan Blum, Simon Bucher-Jones, Guy Clapperton, Paul Grice, Matthew Jones, Paul Leonard, Sam Lester, Steve Lyons, Paul Magrs, Daniel O'Mahony, Robert Perry & Mike Tucker, Evan Pritchard and Tara Samms.

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