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Shark Bait

Shark Bait

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TV Comic
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Bill Mevin
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Shark Bait is a Doctor Who comic strip. It has been printed through various publications.


Exploring a strange and desolate world, the Doctor, John and Gillian see the TARDIS swallowed by the Earth because the surface of the planet is falling in due to a lack of trees. To get back into their ship they must find a cave, which they do, with steps leading down to the edge of an underground pool. But the water is no ordinary water - it contains so much oxygen that they will be able to breathe and speak underwater (no, really). Luckily, the Doctor has packed three pairs of flippers in his Gladstone bag. However, when John dives in he is immediately caught by a giant crab. The Doctor fights off the crab with his electroliser, but suddenly they find themselves falling.

They land on the seabed where it is dry and set off in search of the TARDIS. Coming to a cave, guarded by Mr Frog, they see the TARDIS inside being bound in ropes by many other frogs. They want to use the TARDIS to attract and catch a large shark that keeps eating their people. Gillian urges the Doctor to help. The TARDIS lures the giant shark closer and closer...

Netted and out of water, the shark dies and the frog people are saved. As a reward, John and Gillian are allowed to ride some giant tame sea-horses, but they are soon in trouble as John is attacked by a giant octopus. The Doctor saves him by tickling the octopus with a feather (you think I make this stuff up?) but in the confusion the TARDIS disappears again...

Searching the seabed for the ship, Gillian is suddenly sucked down into a lower cave. The frog people lead the Doctor and John to the cave and there they find Gillian, the TARDIS... and the Ancient Mariner, who plans to live in the TARDIS as his own house vanished. The Doctor and his companions help him build a new house before they depart.


  • The Doctor Who Comics website Altered Vistas, had this to say about the strip:

This strip was surely made up as they went along. It is plotless, pointless, logic-free, has mediocre artwork and makes some of the crazier Second Doctor strips appear quite sane by comparison. The Doctor’s Gladstone bag makes its debut, here providing flippers and the electroliser.