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Professor Bernice Summerfield
and the Relics of Jegg-Sau

Relics of jegg sau

Bernice Summerfield
Release date
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No. of discs
Produced by
Big Finish
Lisa Bowerman, Michael Kilgariff
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In 2004, Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Relics of Jegg-Sau was released by Big Finish Productions.

Cover blurb[]

The colonists knew the risks about Jegg-Sau. With a flimsy atmosphere, no mineral wealth and exhausted soil, only the strongest and most determined could hope to make a home there. But with nowhere else to go, they went ahead, allegedly funded by a stock of valuable relics and art treasures stolen from Earth...

But the colony failed. Jegg-Sau was deserted once more, a home only to carrion and rusted dreams. But Bernice Summerfield believes the relics remained, and she's come a long, long way in search of them. What she'll find is that others have reached Jegg-Sau before her. She'll find herself cat's-paw in a dark outpost of frailty and obsession.

And she'll find the robots.

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