You might be looking for The Best of Doctor Who Volume 2 - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.
Original Television Soundtrack
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Greatest show in the galaxy soundtrack
Series Silva Screen CDs
Country United Kingdom
Release date April 1992
No. of discs 1
Running time 76:21
Other info
Music by Mark Ayres
Produced by Silva Screen Records

In 1992, Original Television Soundtrack - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy was released by Silva Screen Records on CD.

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  1. Introduction: 'Doctor Who'
  2. The Psychic Rap
  3. Invitation to Segonax
  4. Bellboy and Flowerchild
  5. A Warning
  6. Fellow Explorers
  7. The Robot Attacks
  8. Something Sinister
  9. 'Welcome, One and All!'
  10. The Circus Ring
  11. Deadbeat
  12. Eavesdropping
  13. 'Let Me Entertain You'/Stone Archway
  14. The Well
  15. Powers on the Move
  16. Sifting Dreams
  17. Survival of the Fittest
  18. Bellboy's Sacrifice
  19. Plans
  20. The Werewolf/'Request Stop'
  21. The Gods of Ragnarok
  22. Playing for Time
  23. Entry of the Psychic Clowns
  24. Liberty Who
  25. Psychic Carnival
  26. Coda: Kingpin's New Circus
  27. Epilogue: 'Doctor Who'

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