Original Television Soundtrack
The Curse of Fenric
Curse of fenric cd
Series Silva Screen CDs
Country United Kingdom
Release date 29 July 1991
No. of discs 1
Original RRP £12.50
Running time 72:09
Other info
Music by Mark Ayres
Ron Grainer
Produced by Silva Screen Records

In 1991, Original Television Soundtrack - The Curse of Fenric was released by Silva Screen Records on CD.

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  1. Introduction: "Doctor Who"
  2. The Boats
  3. Beach-head and Rat-trap
  4. Sealed Orders
  5. Eyes Watching
  6. Commander Millington
  7. Viking Graves
  8. Maidens' Point
  9. The Translations
  10. Audrey and Millington's Office
  11. The Curse of Fenric
  12. High Stakes
  13. The Crypt
  14. The Ambush
  15. The Well of Vergelmir
  16. The Ultima Machine
  17. Dangerous Undercurrents
  18. The Seduction of Prozorov
  19. Half-time Score
  20. Exit Miss Hardaker/The Vicar and the Vampires
  21. Stop the Machine!
  22. The Haemovores
  23. The Battle for St. Jude's
  24. The Mineshaft
  25. Sealing the Hatch
  26. House Guests
  27. The Telegram
  28. Evil from the Dawn of Time
  29. The Storm Breaks
  30. Ancient Enemies
  31. Shadow Dimensions
  32. Chemical Grenade
  33. The Great Serpent
  34. Pawns in the Game
  35. Kathleen's Escape
  36. The Wolves of Fenric
  37. Black Wins, Time Lord!
  38. The Final Battle
  39. Epilogue: "Doctor Who"

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