Myths and Other Legends
Myths and other legends cd
Series Silva Screen CDs
Country United Kingdom
Release date August 1991
No. of discs 1
Other info
Music by Mark Ayres
Produced by Silva Screen Records

In 1991, Myths and Other Legends was released by Silva Screen Records on CD.

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  1. Myth Makers Theme
  2. Mythterious
  3. I Myth You
  4. Daleks!
  5. Terror In Totters Lane
  6. The Headmaster
  7. The Fox Goes Free
  8. The Park: Introduction/On The Run/Mother Nature/The Master/Alien Hand/Return Of The Hand
  9. Star Field
  10. Myth Runner (Original Soundtrack) Part 1
  11. Running (Chase Theme From Myth Runner)
  12. Myth Runner (Original Soundtrack) Part 2
  13. Myth Runner II
  14. The Digitan
  15. The Disappointment
  16. Mythed Again
  17. Running 1991
  18. Myth Runner II (Extended CD Mix)

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  • Music from Reel Time Pictures' Myth Makers series

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