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In 2005, Myth Makers: Louis Marks was released on DVD.

Cover blurb[]

"I always considered Bob (Holmes) was really the outstanding DOCTOR WHO writer."

LOUIS MARKS began his career in television writing for Sapphire Films' THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. This led on to a longer stint as script editor and writer on the Associated Rediffusion crime drama NO HIDING PLACE.

In 1970 he joined the BBC as a freelance script editor. While working his way "up" to producer, LOUIS wrote four DOCTOR WHO stories; PLANET OF THE GIANTS, DAY OF THE DALEKS, PLANET OF EVIL and THE MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA.

More recently, LOUIS has concentrated on producing drama, his impressive credits include; THE LOST BOYS, THE CRUCIBLE, MIDDLEMARCH, SILAS MARNER, DANIEL DERONDA and LOVING, based on the novel by Henry Green.

In this MYTH MAKERS, LOUIS talks about writing for DOCTOR WHO, his career in television... and just what makes a good producer.

Special features[]

  • Biography and Behind-the-Scenes Footage


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  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
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