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You might be looking for Myth Makers: Jackie Lane (VHS).

In 2005, Myth Makers: Jackie Lane was released on DVD.

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"I enjoyed every minute...if anything had gone wrong there was no going back and doing it again."

DOROTHEA (DODO) CHAPLET had a far greater impact than her brief time as DOCTOR WHO's assistant would suggest. She was brash, outspoken with disobedient traits that the first DOCTOR, WILLIAM HARTNELL, was to curb but never tame. Perhaps her looks were not the only thing that reminded him of his granddaughter.

NICHOLAS BRIGGS tracks JACKIE down to a "virtual" TARDIS, where he brings out her memories of the pioneering days of television, when an episode of DOCTOR WHO was recorded straight through - almost live. JACKIE also tells NICHOLAS about her career after leaving the acting profession to found Advoice, an agency for voiceover artists.

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