Music from The Tenth Planet
Tenth planet music cd
Series Doctor Who Music CDs
Country United Kingdom
Release date November 2000
No. of discs 1
Original RRP £14.99
Running time 19:07
Other info
Music by Roger Roger
Walter Stott
Douglas Gamley
Martin Slavin
Dennis Farnon
Robert Farnon
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Produced by Ochre Records

In 2000, Music from The Tenth Planet was released by Ochre Records on CD.


  1. Blast Off!
  2. Music for Technology
  3. Power Drill
  4. Space Adventure Part 1
  5. Space Adventure Part 2
  6. Space Adventure Part 3
  7. Drama in Miniature Part 1
  8. Drama in Miniature Part 2
  9. Machine Room
  10. Drumdramatics 7
  11. Drumdramatics 10

Notes and other imagesEdit

  • Limited Edition of 2000 copies

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