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Marc Platt
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In 1997, Lungbarrow was released by Virgin Books.

Cover blurb[]

'Nonsense, child,' retorted the Doctor. 'Grandfather indeed! I've never seen you before in my life!'

All is not well on Gallifrey. Chris Cwej is having someone else's nightmares. Ace is talking to herself. So is K-9. Leela has stumbled on a murderous family conspiracy. And the beleaguered Lord President, Romanadvoratrelundar, foresees one of the most tumultuous events in her planet's history.

At the root of it all is an ancient and terrible place, the House of Lungbarrow in the southern mountains of Gallifrey. Something momentous is happening there. But the House has inexplicably gone missing.

673 years ago the Doctor left his family in that forgotten House. Abandoned, disgraced and resentful, they have waited. And now he's home at last.

In this, the seventh Doctor's final New Adventure, he faces a threat that could uncover the greatest secret of them all.

MARC PLATT wrote Ghost Light, the last Doctor Who story recorded by the BBC. He also wrote the New Adventure Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible and the Missing Adventure Downtime. He is told that he lives in Islington, but would not be surprised if that were Time Lord propaganda.

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