In 1984, independent British video production company Reeltime Pictures released the first of a series of Myth Makers VHS videos — interviews with the stars of Doctor Who.

20 years later, the range comprises dozens of interviews, covering practically all the major luminaries of the Who world — actors, writers, producers, directors and even extras! Most of the interviews are conducted by actor/writer Nicholas Briggs, nowadays best known as being the voice of the Daleks & Cybermen in the new Doctor Who TV series. There are currently, over 130 titles (including the 2-in-1 DVDs, & excluding the VHS re-releases).

By now, all of the VHS Myth Makers have been re-released on DVD - with the sole exception of the Tom Baker interview (for reasons unknown).

Note: Many of the earlier Myth Makers have been released separately in the US by a different distributor, but (confusingly) with different numbers! These are not listed here. Also, the first 16 videos were re-released by Reeltime during the 90s with extra footage and (in most cases) brand new interviews with the stars in question. Where this has happened, it is noted on the page for each release.

In 2003, Reeltime Pictures started releasing the long-running series of Myth Makers video interviews in DVD format instead of VHS.

These DVD releases originally comprised of interviews previously released on video (often two such interviews are bundled together onto one disc), but in recent years this has shifted to being exclusively brand new interviews, which have never before been released.

Extras on these DVDs are fairly minimal, typically featuring a specially-recorded introduction by producer/director Keith Barnfather and host Nicholas Briggs, also a short biography (3-5 pages of text) of the artistes being interviewed.

Note: These discs are all DVD-R (i.e. recordable DVD discs) so may not be playable on all DVD players.

Now for the list: