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Just War

Just war

Virgin New Adventures
Lance Parkin
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Virgin Books
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You might be looking for Just War (CD).

In 1996, Just War was released by Virgin Books.

Cover blurb[]

'Tomorrow belongs to us, not you. If you were really from the future, Miss Summerfield, you would be a Nazi.'

March 1941: Britain's darkest hour. The Nazis occupy British soil and British citizens are being deported to European concentration camps. Six thousand people a month are dying in air raids on London. The United States show no sign of entering the war.

According to the Doctor, this isn't a parallel universe, it isn't an alternate timeline; and everything is running according to schedule. But now something, somewhere, has gone wrong. The Nazis are building a secret weapon, one that will have a decisive effect on the outcome of the War. Chris thinks it's a UFO, while Roz believes that the Luftwaffe have developed the largest bomber ever built. Only Benny may have seen the mysterious craft - but she's disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Full-length, original novels based on the longest-running science fiction television series of all time, the BBC's Doctor Who. The New Adventures take the TARDIS into previously unexplored realms of space and time.

Lance Parkin wrote this, his first novel, while he was studying for his MA in Post-War English Fiction. He has written for a number of fanzines, notably Matrix, Odyssey, Silver Carrier and In-Vision. He is currently working on a Doctor Who history of the universe for publication in 1996.

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