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Fluid Links: Volume 1

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Lars Pearson, Robert Smith?, Michael D. Thomas & Anthony Wilson
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Mad Norwegian Press
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Fluid Links: Volume 1 was a book which was planned to be released by Mad Norwegian Press. However in 2012 the publisher announced that it was on "indefinite hold". No subsequent announcements have been made since then, so it can be assumed that the book has been permanently abandoned.

Cover blurb[]



  • First in a new series of guides to Doctor Who novels & audios, replacing the popular I, Who series.
  • Publisher's description was as follows:

    The multi-volume Fluid Links series will start from scratch and vigorously examine the Doctor Who books and audios in lavish, comprehensive detail. This project is so sweeping that it has four authors (Lars Pearson, Robert Smith?, Michael D. Thomas and Anthony Wilson), and strives to become the definitive guidebooks to the material in question. The initial Fluid Links installments (likely two volumes) will cover the whole of the BBC's Eighth Doctor Adventures — from its inception in The Eight Doctors straight through to its conclusion in The Gallifrey Chronicles. Essays in these volumes will include "How Much Occurs in the Vampire Science Gap?", "Is There Any Point to Parallel Universes?", and "Was Miranda the Doctor's Biological Daughter?".

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