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Enter: The Go-Ray

Enter The Go-Ray 1

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TV Comic
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Bill Mevin
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Enter: The Go-Ray is a Doctor Who comic strip. It has been printed through various publications.


Landing on the planet Go-Ray, the Doctor explains to John and Gillian that long ago Cardium was found on Go-Ray which gives everything tremendous energy, meaning they float above the ground. They encounter the Go-Rays, metal creatures that run on a single wheel, but the creatures are terrified of creatures with legs and flee. The Doctor and his grandchildren follow them to Cardium House to meet their leader but they arrive as the Cardium reactor falters and are accused of being spies and thrown into prison.

They escape through a skylight and, with home-made skis ties to their feet, head for the TARDIS, but the Doctor wants instead to go to a cave and find mercury to replace the Cardium thus repairing the reactor and clearing them of the charge of spying. They get the mercury but the roof caves in and they are forced to find another exit, but the Go-Rays are waiting for them. However, the Doctor has an idea involving John’s bag of marbles...

The Doctor throws the marbles on the floor and the Go-Rays topple over leaving the way clear for the Doctor and his companions to run for Cardium House. However, the emergency is worsening so they are forced to don protective clothing. In the reactor room, the Doctor prepares to add the mercury to the machine, but they are spotted and, as the Cardium fails, everything gets heavier meaning they cannot lift the box of mercury. The Go-Rays seal the door, trapping them inside.

Using old pipes, the Doctor gets the mercury to channel itself into the reactor, averting disaster. Face to face with the Go-Ray leader, the Doctor convinces him that they repaired the reactor and - using a magnet - that he is a magician. The leader then allows them to leave.


  • The Doctor Who Comics website Altered Vistas, had this to say about the strip:

The plot here feels slightly garbled, and it is never explained why the Doctor insists on repairing the reactor when they could simply escape, nor yet why they strap planks of wood to their feet. Getting John to stick his hand in a pool of mercury is not Doctor Who’s finest idea either. And how come a small box of mercury becomes too heavy to move but everything else appears to remain the same? The Go-Rays themselves are extremely bizarre and hardly a credible threat. The Doctor should have left them to sort their own problem.