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Enemy of the Daleks

Enemy of the daleks

Big Finish Audio Adventures
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Big Finish
Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Philip Olivier, Nicholas Briggs, Anneke Wills
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In 2009, Enemy of the Daleks was released by Big Finish Productions.

Cover blurb

Bliss used to be a paradise planet. The Galapagos Islands of space. But when the TARDIS brings the Doctor, Ace and Hex to Bliss, it's been over-run with ironweed plants, and the air is heavy with the stench of burnt silk and static electricity.

Worse, the Daleks are coming, on the trail of a lost patrol of starship troopers. Holed up in the Roarke 279 research facility, Lieutenant Beth Stokes is preparing her last stand against the invaders.

But there's a secret on Bliss, a secret guarded by the obsessive Professor Shimura...

This time, could it be the Daleks need saving?

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