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The Daleks
Series Doctor Who - Target Novelisation
Author David Whitaker
Publisher Target (Imprint)
Virgin Publishing Ltd
Release date January 1992
Daleks 1992 target
Format Paperback
Page count 157
Original RRP £2.99
Cover blurb Notes
The Doctor looked at us all gravely. 'Why should these Daleks share what they have with anyone else? Can any one of you show me even a small hint that they possess compassion or mercy or friendship? Are they even interested?'

The Doctor and Susan, along with Ian and Barbara, land on the planet Skaro, where they must attempt to save the peace-loving Thals from destruction at the hands of a new and unfamiliar threat — the hideous Daleks.

The seventeenth edition under the Target line featured new artwork as well as changing the trade dress to match the other books published at the time. This included changing to the logo associated with the Sylvester McCoy serials and adding the number "16" to the spine of the book. The title was further shortened to Doctor Who - The Daleks.

Cover art by Alister Pearson.

ISBN 0426101103

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