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Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks
Series Doctor Who
Author David Whitaker
Publisher Frederick Muller
Release date 1965
Daleks 1965 hardcover
Format Hardcover
Page count
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Cover blurb Notes
A thick fog and a girl in distress are just the things that Ian Chesterton needs to escape from a life of dull routine. He has no idea that this is merely a prelude to an adventure quite beyond any normal conception of the word. Or that Barnes Common on a foggy autumn night is the last view of Earth he may ever have.

Both he and the girl he tries to help, Barbara Wright, are transported to a distant planet named Skaro by a mysterious old man known to them as the Doctor. With his granddaughter Susan, the Doctor sets them down in a world all but destroyed by atomic warfare, the only survivors being a peace-loving and cultured people called the Thals and their bitter enemies the Daleks, horribly mutated both in mind and body.

Thrust into constant danger, his courage and determination tested almost beyond endurance, Ian is forced to struggle against alien creatures and superior enemies with no other weapons than surprise and ingenuity.

The rewards of victory are life for Ian and his new friends... but life where? Can the Doctor return him and Barbara to Earth again?

Aside from the change in the colour of the dustjacket, this edition is a full reprint of the first edition.

Cover art by Arnold Schwartzman.

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