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Dr Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks
Author David Whitaker
Publisher Armada Books
Release date January 1965
Daleks armada
Format Paperback
Page count
Original RRP 2/6d
Cover blurb Notes
The story from the beginning! Here is the exciting adventure of Dr. Who, Susan, Barbara and Ian, from the moment they meet one foggy autumn night on a lonely common beside a Police Box (Ah, but what a curious Police Box!) to the time they encounter the weird Daleks.

It is a thrilling story, and we know this book will be one of the most popular published in the Armada series. Can you wait any longer? Start reading!

Titled Dr Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks. One of only two paperback novelisations published in the UK before the Target range began in 1973. (The other was the 1967 Dragon edition of Doctor Who and the Crusaders)

Cover art by Peter Archer.

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