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Doctor Who and the Zarbi
Series Doctor Who
Author Bill Strutton
Publisher White Lion
Release date September 1975
Format Hardcover
Page count 176
Original RRP
Cover blurb Notes
'Your instruments, Doctor! They've all gone mad! Why? What can be doing all that to them?'

Doctor Who was shaking his head grimly.
He muttered slowly. 'I don't know. I...suppose we could have materialised for a split second of time, and been caught in the...influence...'
'Influence? What influence?'
Doctor Who raised his head and looked at both Ian and Barbara.
'We seem to have been imprisoned by some kind of...force. I can't break the hold at all.' He paused. 'Something, somewhere, is slowly pulling us - plucking us down...'

Doctor Who lands his space-time machine Tardis on the cold, craggy planet of Vortis. The Doctor and his companions, Ian and Vicki are soon captured by the Zarbi, huge ant-like creatures with metallic bodies and pincer claws; meanwhile Barbara falls into the hands of the friendly MENOPTERA who have come to rid Vortis of the malevolent power of the ZARBI...

ISBN 0856861677

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