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Doctor Who and the Zarbi
Series Doctor Who
Author Bill Strutton
Publisher Frederick Muller
Release date 16 September 1965
Zarbi 1965 hardcover
Format Hardcover
Page count 160
Original RRP 12/6d
Cover blurb Notes
The Zarbi, huge ant-like creatures with metallic bodies and pincer claws, are waiting for Tardis when its police-box shape materializes on the cold and craggy planet Vortis. They capture Doctor Who, Ian and Vicki and take them to their weird Headquarters, a city of web-like organic matter.

But the Zarbi are not the only beings on Vortis. Barbara has fallen into the hands of the butterfly-like creatures with soft voices and iridescent wings, whose civilisation has been destroyed by the Zarbi. She learns that her captors are only the advance party of Menoptera in exile who plan to win back their planet by an invasion from outer space. For the Zarbi 'have brought the dark age to Vortis'.

In the final thrilling chapters, Doctor Who and the crew of Tardis encounter the power which controls both the Zarbi and the living Web City. How can they defeat this strange bladder of blazing light which draws in and absorbs all who come into its presence?

Zarbi 1965 hardcover full
As show at the right, the cover artwork extended onto the spine and overleaf of the dust jacket.

Cover art by John Wood

ISBN 0584620128

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