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Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time


First Published
Sean Longcroft
Original Publisher
Sean Longcroft
The Fourth Doctor
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Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time is a Doctor Who comic strip. It has been printed through various publications.


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  • The Doctor Who Comics website, Altered Vistas had this to say about the Cybermen's appearance in the strip:
    • Yet another cameo for the Cybermen in this glorious and nostalgic strip about what it is to be a Doctor Who fan of a certain age.
      • You will note that the cloth-faced Cybermen again make an appearance, making them the single most popular design of Cybermen ever to have appeared in the comics. For me, this strip completely summed up my relationship with Doctor Who through the decades, and is one of the most mature, thoughtful, funny and bitter-sweet strips ever to have been printed. A wonderful piece of writing perfectly illustrated to create something extra special.
  • This comic is somewhat of a meta-fictional comic, featuring a 'real world' character watching Doctor Who and the Doctor (Fourth) turning up, seemingly the person who is telling the story's friend.
  • This is the first time the theme tune has been rendered in a comic, with lyrics:

Da-Lin-Da-Din Da-Lin-Da-Din Da-Lin-Da-Din Wa-ooooo


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