Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition
The Doctor Who Companion
Series Three
Dwm se doctor who companion series three
Series Doctor Who Magazine Special Editions
Country United Kingdom
Release date 22 November 2007
Format Paperback
No. of pages 132
Original RRP £6.99
Other info
Editor Clayton Hickman
Published by Panini Magazines

In 2007 Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: The Doctor Who Companion - Series Three was published by Panini Magazines.

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Your complete guide to the award-winning BBC One series! Written and researched by Andrew Pixley.

Doctor Who was once again the TV success story of 2007, as eight million avid viewers followed the story of medical student Martha Jones and her amazing journey from a hospital on the Moon, to Shakespeare's London, the Year Five Billion, Depression-era New York and the end of the Universe - all in the company of that amazing time-traveller, the Doctor! This year audiences met a bossy bride, learned the final secret of the Face of Boe, saw a Time Lord become human, welcomed Captain Jack back aboard the TARDIS and watched as the evil Master was reborn...

Now, Doctor Who Magazine takes you behind the scenes of these thrilling adventures, with an in-depth episode-by-episode guide, including original storylines, deleted scenes, and thousands of facts about the monsters and the mayhem that are part and parcel of making Doctor Who - all illustrated with gorgeous, never-before-seen photographs. We cover all 13 episodes of Series Three, plus The Runaway Bride Christmas Special, the animated adventure The Infinite Quest, the Doctor Who: A Celebration concert for Children in Need, and the ingenious trailers for the series.

Plus, for the first time anywhere, executive producer and head writer Russell T& Davies unveils the genesis of each and every story, with fascinating behind-the-scenes revelations. Discover why the Empress of the Racnoss never visited Stonehenge, how jazz changed the Daleks' plans for Manhattan, what Spider-Man and Professor Lazarus might have had in common, and why the TARDIS got kicked off the Moon!

This is your essential guide to Doctor Who - because when two worlds collide, anything can happen...

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