Doctor Who Magazine
1991 Winter Special
Doctor who magazine 1991 winter special
Series Marvel Doctor Who Specials
Country United Kingdom
Release date November 1991
Format Paperback
No. of pages 52
Original RRP £2.25
Other info
Comic Strips
The Man in the Ion Mask
Author Dan Abnett
Editor John Freeman
Artists Brian Williamson
Published by Marvel Comics

In 1991 Doctor Who Magazine - 1991 Winter Special was published by Marvel Comics.

Cover BlurbEdit

The secret organisation that defends our planet


In this Expose

  • An Army of Shadows - Andrew Dylan on the true nature of the United Nations Intelligence Task Force - anti-terrorist group or alien defence organisation?
  • Brief Encounter: Listening Watch - Yates and Benton await the call to action, as told by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Brian Williamson.
  • The UNIT Years: 1 - The Troughton and Pertwee stories.
  • Yates Speaks Out - Ex-UNIT Captain Mike Yates confirms the organisation dealt with alien menaces in an exclusive interview.
  • Brief Encounter - Colin Baker on the Sixth Doctor's meeting with the Brigadier, illustrated by Paul Vyse.
  • Blueprints: The Alien - Exclusive schematics for a proposed two-person UNIT assault vehicle, constructed using extra-terrestrial technologies, adapted by Lee Sullivan.
  • Exposed: The Day of the Daleks - Confidential UNIT documentation on the Auderley House Incident - printed in full for the first time!
  • Comic Strip: The Man in the Ion Mask - The Master has been arrested following The Daemons but he's already planning his escape, as Dan Abnett and Brian Williamson reveal.
  • The UNIT Years: 2 - Tom Baker stories onwards.
  • UNIT Merchandise - A brief guide to the collectables.
  • Credit Where It's Due... Cast lists, ratings and audience appreciation figures for all the UNIT stories.
  • Last Word - Nicholas Courtney on the UNIT years.

Notes and other imagesEdit

  • Includes free poster

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