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Doctor Who - The Handbook: The Second Doctor

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Doctor Who - The Handbook
David J. Howe, Mark Stammers, Stephen James Walker
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Virgin Publishing
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In 1997, Doctor Who - The Handbook: The Second Doctor was released by Virgin Publishing.

Cover blurb[]

Doctor Who is the world's longest-running science fiction television series. Each handbook will provide both a broad overview and a detailed analysis of one phase of the programme's history.

With the ground-breaking changeover from William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton, Doctor Who demonstrated that it could survive even the departure of the leading actor. Troughton's introduction energised the show, giving it a new lease of life. The writers also introduced or developed some of the show's most enduring characters: the resourceful Jamie McCrimmon and the orphaned Victoria Waterfield, companions who shared our screens with the Doctor's greatest enemies — the emotionless Cybermen, the militaristic Ice Warriors, the robotic Yeti and, of course, the Daleks.

This book is an in-depth study of Patrick Troughton's tenure as the Doctor, including a profile of the actor, a critical summary of each story in which he starred, an extensive feature on the making of The Mind Robber — a classic adventure set in the deadly Land of Fiction — and much more. The authors have established their reputation with best-selling books such as The Sixties and The Seventies, and their acclaimed work on the three previous books in the 'Handbook' range.

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